The survey report on tire labeling in China

We issued the survey report described below in November 2017

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Survey report on tire labeling in China

Tire labeling systems are implemented in Japan, the EU and South Korea, where improvements in tire fuel efficiency and wet grip are reported. In Japan, JATMA has reported that fuel-efficient tire use resulted in a 7.5% reduction in CO2 emissions from 2006 through 2012.

China is the world’s top vehicle producing nation, and also holds a 38% share of worldwide tire production. At the same time, air pollution, as indicated by PM2.5 levels, has been taken up as an urgent issue in China. Resolving the problem of vehicle emissions is thus a critical issue for the national government. China is also attempting to take the lead in the field of electric vehicles (EVs), in which electric consumption performance is critical.

China announced a tire labeling system plan in June of last year, with implementation reportedly slated to begin the following September. However, the plan remains virtually unknown to the general public, and tires throughout the market remain unlabeled. Implementation of China's tire labeling system is expected to have a major impact not just on the tire industry, but also on the synthetic rubber industry.

Together with a Chinese survey research firm, ETIC visited manufacturers of tires and synthetic rubber, as well as synthetic rubber industry association representatives and rubber marketing firms to research the current state of the issue and to gauge the potential impact on synthetic rubber manufacturers.

The tire labeling system began in September 2016 on a voluntary basis. Because it is a voluntary system, however, no tires on the market have been labeled.

As of June 15, 2016, 63 tire models had been certified as environmentally friendly “green” tires.

As of 2017, green tires represent less than 20% of tires in use. But the numerical target for 2020 is 60% or more.

Plans call for the system to be made mandatory in 2018. But it remains unclear whether this will be accomplished, as does the overall future of tire labeling in China.

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