We are a unique consulting firm specializing in the area of synthetic rubber, elastomers and tires. Our specialist consultants have a solid grounding in business experience, know-how and technology that enables them to maximize your business value. And with our own exclusive strengths in technology development, we can provide the kind of ongoing technological support that makes us a reliable partner in your future business deployment.


Market Surveys
In building strategy, the ability to grasp market conditions is absolutely critical. Among synthetic rubber manufacturers working up feasibility studies before building synthetic rubber or thermoplastic elastomer plants, ETIC is known as the provider of choice for the single-client and multi-client market studies that make it all possible. Multi-client studies:
Market study on SBRs (2019)
Survey Report of Tire Labeling Regulation in China (2017)
Global Market Study of Functionalized Solution SBR for Fuel-efficient Tires (2013)
Strategy-building support
Which markets should you enter? What scale of production is optimal? What kind of profit can be anticipated from the product portfolio? We delve deeply into each client's proposed project, analyzing market study results and client strengths and weaknesses to answer the real questions bearing on the earliest possible business profit. The result is a multifaceted body of advice that informs strategy from business and technical perspectives. We also analyze current issues and problems with ongoing business operations to consult on tactics for improvement.
ETIC enjoys an extensive network in the elastomer industry, which brings M&A within reach as a viable business expansion option. The broad-ranging network that ETIC maintains throughout the elastomer industry enables us to give solid advice on selecting candidates for acquisition, participate in the acquisition negotiations, and evaluate business potential. In evaluating business operations, ETIC's combination of specialized M&A and technological expertise enables us to back our consulting with insight into particularly advanced technologies, the real state of plant maintenance as well as quality control, worker skills, and other tangible and intangible assets that aren’t spelled out in the financial books.


With some of the world's top-level developmental engineers, ETIC works through contract research institutes to develop our own state-of-the-art technologies. We also take great care in managing information to prevent problems such as information leakage or infringement on other companies' patents. We have global patents on 5G technology we have developed in connection with functionalized SSBR (f-SSBR) technology. BR, EPDM, SBS and SIS are among the commercialization technologies that we can provide in addition to f-SSBR.
As competition to develop new advanced technologies grows ever more intense in today's synthetic rubber industry, technology development costs are soaring. At ETIC, speeding up technology development for our clients is part of our job, and we can help with effective acceleration. It's part of our mission to seek out new technologies, help develop new technologies, and develop grades.
Rich in experience, ETIC engineering teams link with manufacturing technology teams that have a wealth of hands-on experience to produce PDP in short timeframes. PDP includes process flow diagrams, major equipment lists (process data sheets), and H&M balance. Equally experienced software simulation experts bring the power of advanced software use into the production work.
ETIC engineers marshal a wealth of on-site experience to provide implementation start-up training for the platforms built on the backbone infrastructure that ETIC provides. We also provide on-site management support for client workers as the implementation start-up gets under way. Given that synthetic rubber applications involve so many functional products, strict quality control is critical to success. ETIC is there, with consulting that enables quality control at levels that can withstand the most exacting inspections of first-rate end users. ETIC primarily partners with the Japan Management Association Consultants to provide special programs for elastomer manufacturers.